Best Fishing Kayak Under $2000

Best Fishing Kayak Under $2000 Comparison Chart

Max Capacity
Fishing features
Best for
Bottom line
Best Overall
Best Pedal-Drive Fishing Kayak Under $2000
Reel Yaks Pedal Fishing Kayak
68 lbs
11 ft
34 inches
500 lbs
3 storage hatches, 4 track rails, a bottle holder, bait box holders, and 6 rod holders
Lakes, rivers, and ocean
Allows stand-up position, has plenty of storage, roomy cockpit, smooth pedal drive, comfortable seat, and huge weight capacity
No reverse pedaling
With its smooth pedal drive, stability, huge capacity, and comfortable cockpit, this fishing kayak has all you need in a lighter and more compact size.
Best Paddle-Drive Fishing Kayak Under 2000
Wilderness Systems ATAK 120
86 lbs
12 ft 3 inches
35 inches
400 lbs
FlexPod OS, 6 SlideTrax accessory systems, side scan transducer scupper, removable utility pod cover, bow mount plate, stern mount plate, and stand-up assistant strap
Large and small lakes, bays, and slow-moving rivers up to class II
Versatile and highly customizable, very stable, comfortable, very durable, allows stand-up fishing, and lots of storage
The most versatile and customizable fishing kayak in the market with plenty of extras to make your trips more comfortable.
Best Bang for the Buck
Best Motor-Drive Fishing Kayak Under $2000
BKC PK12 Angler Fishing Kayak
78 lbs
12 ft
32.75 inches
460 lbs
2 sealed hatches, large cargo area, cupholder, tackle tray, 2 built-in rod holders, a storage bin, easy foam, and 2 track rails
Lakes, bays, and rivers
Allows stand-up fishing, comfortable, good tracking, and affordable
Battery not included
This is a promising motor-driven fishing kayak at a surprisingly affordable price.
Perception Pescador Pilot 12
85 lbs
12 ft 5 inches
33.75 inches
475 lbs
4 molded-in rod holders, Shallow recesses near the seat, drink holders, and 2 gear tracks
Flat, slow-moving, and calm coastal waters
Comfortable seat, excellent stability, has lots of storage and is sturdy and rugged
Stable, comfortable, and extremely rugged, this pedal fishing kayak will last for a very, very long time.
BKC PK13 Fishing Kayak
80 lbs
13 ft
33.35 inches
550 lbs
3 flush-mounted rod holders, 2 water-resistant hatches, 2 accessories plates, a cup holder, forward and reverse pedaling, and a tackle tray
Lakes, rivers, and ocean
Comes with a paddle, is stable, and comfortable, allows stand-up fishing, is fast, has huge weight capacity, forward and reverse pedaling, and tracks well
This is a good choice if you’re looking for a longer kayak that can handle a lot of weight while giving you a comfortable and stable ride.

If you’re willing to shell out $2000 for a fishing kayak, it’s only right that you get the best value for your money. But with lots of different models and types in the market, it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. It gets even harder if you don’t know what to look for. 

So to help you out and make sure you’ll get what you pay for, we’ve made a list of all the things you need to consider in a fishing kayak. We have also put together a list of the best fishing kayaks under 2000 to make your search easier. 

How We Chose the Best Fishing Kayak Under 2000

We have scoured all over Amazon for all the top fishing kayaks under $2000. After hours and hours of researching, we were able to create a shortlist of all the kayaks we liked, those with the highest ratings, and those most recommended by consumers who loved to fish.

From there, we put together all the kayaks belonging to the same type and compared them to one another. We were then able to determine which ones were the best in their category by considering their general and fishing features, value for money, durability, and overall quality. After much discussion within our team, we were finally able to narrow down our list to only the top 5 fishing kayaks you see below.  

So guaranteed that whichever one you go with, you are sure to get your money’s worth and have a fishing kayak that will last you a lifetime.

The Best Fishing Kayaks Under 2000

Why we love it: 

  • Lighter and compact
  • Very stable
  • Roomy cockpit
  • Comfortable seat

What it is best for:

  • Lakes, rivers, and ocean

The best fishing kayak under $2000 is the Reel Yaks Pedal. It has a pedal drive system that is smooth on the water and easy on the knees. It’s very stable with its “W” hull shape. So you can sit and stand on it without a problem. It also has anti-slip food pads, providing you with maximum grip when you need it the most.

As a fishing kayak, this is packed with features that can help you be more efficient on the water. It has 6 rod holders, 4 track rails for your accessories, holders for your bait box, and a bottle holder. It also has waterproof hatches in the front and behind the seat with nylon bags for your valuable items. Furthermore, there’s a large tank well at the rear with a bungee for your fishing gear and a storage hatch at the front for keeping more things. 

This kayak has a roomy cockpit, and stadium-style cushioned seat with a backrest that you can adjust according to your preference. So you’re sure to stay comfortable in it while fishing for hours. Now, what we liked about the Reel Yaks Pedal is its size. Compared to most hard-shell pedal kayaks, it’s surprisingly compact and light. Thus, making it easier to transport and handle.


  • ZEasier to transport and handle
  • ZAllows stand-up fishing
  • ZSmooth pedal drive
  • ZHuge weight capacity


  • QNo reverse pedaling

Why we love it: 

  • Lots of fishing features
  • Very stable
  • Lots of storage

What it is best for:

  • Large and small lakes, bays, and slow-moving rivers up to class II

If you’re looking for a paddle-drive fishing kayak that you can upgrade later on to a motor drive, then we highly suggest the Wilderness Systems ATAK 120. This kayak is designed to meet every fisher’s needs. Its open platform is highly customizable with 6 SlideTrax accessory systems, a removable utility pod cover where you can put your tools, tackle, and beverage, plus bow and stern mount plates for mounting lights, cameras, and other accessories. 

Furthermore, this kayak has a secondary transducer scupper to accommodate electronics like side-scanning technologies. It also has a removable console system where you can mount a fish finder, transducer, and battery. It’s compatible with a motor, too. 

We also liked that this kayak is extremely stable that you can stand on it with ease. The seat is comfortable as well, and there are adjustable large padded footrests for support. Not to mention that it tracks well on water, too. Sure, it’s a bit on the heavy side. But considering everything it can do, the Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 is an easy pick for one of the best fishing kayaks under 2000.


  • ZVersatile and highly customizable
  • ZAllows stand-up fishing
  • ZComfortable and durable
  • ZTracks well


  • QHeavy

Why we love it: 

  • Comes with a paddle
  • Plenty of storage and high weight capacity
  • Can cruise the water with speed and stability

What it is best for:

  • Lakes, bays, and rivers

Do you prefer a motor-driven kayak? Then look no further. The BKC PK12 Angler Fishing Kayak has a built-in trolling motor, so you can go to your favorite fishing spots in the fastest and easiest way possible. While it’s not the most stable on our list, it does provide a platform that’s suitable for stand-up fishing. 

This kayak offers many features to make your fishing experience more pleasing. It has 2 built-in rod holders, 2 track rails, and an easy foam for better grip when standing. It also has an impressive weight capacity of 460 lbs and plenty of storage for all your gear and personal items. Aside from the large cargo area with a bungee cord at the rear, there’s also a storage bin at the back of the seat for your valuables, tackles, and other items you need quick access to. 

Additionally, there are sealed storage hatches at the front and back to protect your things from getting wet. There is even a cupholder and a tackle tray for keeping your drinks and tackles always within reach. To top it all off, the BKC PK12 Angler is surprisingly affordable, especially for a motor-drive kayak. In fact, it’s even cheaper than all the other fishing kayaks on our list. 


  • ZAllows stand-up fishing
  • ZComfortable
  • ZGood tracking
  • ZAffordable


  • QBattery not included

Why we love it: 

  • Comfortable seat
  • High weight capacity
  • Pedal driven
  • Forward and reverse pedaling

What it is best for:

  • Flat, slow-moving, and calm coastal waters

Here’s another great pedal-drive fishing kayak that you might want to check out. The Perception Pescador 12 is a well-designed, extremely stable, and rugged fishing kayak that’s well worth your money. Since it’s pedal-driven, you won’t need to put too much effort to go where you want to go. It propels forward and even backward with just your legs. 

This kayak has a very spacious deck that offers plenty of storage for your gear. It has large front and rear storage where you can put your tackles, cooler, and other things. There are also shallow recesses near the seat where you can put in small items like baits, weights, and pliers. 

The Perception Pescador Pilot 12 has 4 molded-in rod holders and drink holders. It also has 2 tracks for adding fishing accessories without drilling in any holes. Additionally, it is fast and performs well on water. On the downside, however, it’s a bit heavy. 


  • ZExcellent stability
  • ZHas plenty of storage
  • ZVery sturdy and durable
  • ZPerforms well on the water


  • QHeavy

Why we love it: 

  • Comes with a paddle
  • Allows stand-up fishing
  • Fast and tracks well
  • Huge weight capacity

What it is best for:

  • Lakes, rivers, and the ocean

Our pick for the last best fishing kayak under 2000 is the BKC PK13. It is a long and wide kayak that can slice through the water with ease. Add that to its pedal-driven propeller, and you’re sure to get to your fishing spots quickly. You can even use the paddle it comes with for more speed. 

This kayak has a huge weight capacity of 550 lbs. So you can load it up with your gear for a full day of adventure or even for multi-day excursions. You can use the roomy rear cargo with bungee straps for your cooler, duffel, dry bag, or cooler. The bow also has bungee straps for holding your midsized items like helmets or raincoats. Aside from that, there are also water-resistant storage hatches with a dry bag for keeping your personal items safe while on the water. 

Overall, If you’re looking for a fast, spacious, and comfortable pedal fishing kayak that you can stand on while casting and reeling, then the BKC PK13 is definitely a good choice. 


  • ZPerforms well on the water
  • ZComfortable
  • ZForward and reverse pedaling


  • QHeavy

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Fishing Kayak Under 2000

$2000 for a fishing kayak is a big amount, thus, a big risk. So it’s crucial to get it right if you don’t want to regret your decision later on. But how do you know which kayak is right for you and which one to buy? Well, here’s a guide to help you:


There are 3 main types of fishing kayaks, such as sit-on-top, sit-in, and inflatables. Sit-in kayaks provide you with more protection against the elements and are better at keeping you dry and warm while on the water. However, they are less stable and are not capable of allowing you to stand up while fishing. While they perform well, their enclosed cockpit design doesn’t provide the most comfortable space for movement nor the most storage. They also don’t offer many options for upgrades. 

Now, there are also inflatable kayaks. They are easier and more convenient to transport, and you can just throw them in the back of your car once you’re done. However, one rip and tear can render them useless – which is a HUGE waste if you’re going to pay 2 grand for one, right?

That said, the best type of kayaks – if you’re willing to spend $2000 – are sit-on-tops. They offer the most stability, comfort, storage, durability, and fishing-specific features. Not to mention that they’re highly versatile, too. You can easily add accessories and modify them according to your needs. 


At this price point, you also get to choose how you want your kayak to move on water. You can always go with the traditional and cheaper method, which is using paddles. This is simpler but also slower. If you want to go to your destination faster and go completely hands-free, then you can choose a pedal drive. Also, there are motor-powered kayaks, which offer the fastest way to get to your favorite fishing spot without breaking a sweat. 

On a side note, you can also rig some paddle and pedal-driven kayaks later on with an electric motor. So you can consider that, too. 

Weight Capacity

When choosing what kayak to buy, always look at the weight capacity. Make sure that it can accommodate the total combined weight of your gear and yourself. If you’re planning to go with someone else or have your dog with you, consider kayaks with higher capacity or tandems (2-seat capacity). 

If you’re paddling, make sure to stay within 70% of a yak’s max weight limit for the best experience. For example, if the max capacity is 350 lbs, don’t go over 245 lbs. 


The length of a kayak affects its performance on the water. For instance, longer kayaks or those 12ft and longer are better and more efficient in cruising and cutting through the water. They are also faster. This is why they’re better on large and open water. For shorter kayaks or those less than 11ft, they make turns easier and maneuver better. They’re ideal on small and calm waters. 

While checking on the length, you should also consider your body type. Longer kayaks are better for bigger and taller individuals as they will provide more space for movement and comfort. 


You have to consider where you’ll store your kayak and figure out how to take it from there to the water and back. Here’s where weight and size play a vital role. So best check those specs in a kayak and consider whether or not you have the means and capability to handle it. 


In fishing, stability is the most important factor. You want something that won’t capsize no matter the circumstance. Ideally, you also want something you can stand on for stretching, reeling in a fish, and casting a line. So how will you know if a kayak is stable? Well, from its width. As it gets wider, the more stable it will be. As a trade-off, however, it will be slower. 

The minimum width for good stability is 30 inches. 


You want a kayak that you can stay in for an extended time. So it’s important that you look at the comfortability. Preferably, the seats should be adjustable, have backrests, and are comfortable to sit in for hours. Adjustable footrests are also important as they can help you stay upright while on the water. 

Additionally, you want to check out the cockpit and make sure it provides you with enough space to move, stand, stretch, and reach your gear. 

Fishing Features

For $2000, there are plenty of kayaks packed with fishing-specific features. So you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. That said, look for those that offer features you think are the most important to you. For instance, some kayaks have dedicated areas where you can put in a trolling motor. Some can also accommodate electronics and have track rails for adding accessories. All these will be useful if you’re planning to do modifications later on.  

Other features that can make your fishing trips more comfortable and efficient are rod holders, drink holders, paddle holders, and plenty of storage.