Best Kayak Seats

Best Kayak Seats Comparison Chart

Best for
Back Height
Bottom line
Best Universal Kayak Seat
Best Sit On Kayak Seat
Leader Accessories Black Deluxe Seat
Sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks
Universal Kayak Seat
EVA foam
210D polyester
Backrests: 20 x 18 inches
Base: 15 x 12 inches
18 inches
Yes (Detachable storage bag)
Durable, comfortable, easy to install and remove, solid hooks, accommodates most types of kayaks, high back, comes with storage bag, and the back is padded well
Not compatible with some kayaks
With its ergonomically designed base and back, this sit on top kayak seat offers the much-needed comfort and support to make your trips on the water more enjoyable.
Penban Universal Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat
Sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks
Universal Kayak Seat
EVA foam
211D polyester
Backrests: 20 x 18 inches
Base: 15 x 12 inches
18 inches
Yes (Detachable storage bag)
High-grade hooks, high back design, easy to install and remove, comes with detachable storage bag and is compatible with most kayaks
The sitting area could use more padding
This sit-on-top / sit in kayak seat has a high back design and durable padding to help you paddle further and longer.
Best Lawn Chair Kayak Seat
Pactrade Marine Kayak Seat
Sit-on-top and inflatable kayaks
Lawn Chair Kayak Seat
Textilene (from polyester yarn)
Aluminum frame
Backrests: 18.5 x 23 inches
Base: 24 x 19 inches
23 inches (angle can be varied)
Foldable, portable, offers ample support, and easy to set up
Not suitable for sit-in kayaks
This is one of the few lawn chair types of seats that’s compatible with different sit-on-top and inflatable kayak brands and models.
Best Bang for the Buck
Best Kayak Padded Seat
Hornet Anti-slip Kayak Seat Cushion
Sit-in, sit-on-top, pedal kayaks, and inflatables
Cushion seat
Base: 15 x 12.4 inches
Compatible with many kayak brands and styles, very comfortable, anti-slip bottom, easy to use, and has an ergonomic design
Can be small for bigger paddlers
This is a good choice if your current setup already offers enough support for your back but lacks cushion for your bottom.
Best Kayak Seat for Sit In
Yakpads Cushioned Seat Pad
Sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks
Universal Kayak Seat
Backrests: 16 x 9 inches
Base: 16 x 12 inches
9 inches
Comfortable, firm yet flexible, quick-drying, does not compress over time and can be used outside of kayaks
Adjustment straps can be short for some kayaks
If you prefer a sit in kayak seat replacement with a lower back yet still provides you with the cushion and support for more comfort, then this is a good choice.

The seat is one of the most important parts of a kayak. It is where you will sit and spend almost all of your time while out on the water. So if you want to avoid lower back pains, numb legs, and tingling feet while kayaking, then your seat should be absolutely comfortable – more so if you are fishing, covering long distances, and have to stay in your kayak for an extended period. But what if it’s not? Well, the good news is that you can always get a replacement kayak seat. 

With that said, there are hundreds and thousands of kayak seats on the market with different qualities and features. Now, choosing which one to buy doesn’t need to be complicated. But you can’t also just get any kayak seat. This is because not all seats for kayaks are the same, and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to replacing kayak seat. 

So to help you find the right one for you, we’ve made a list of all the features and factors you need to look out for in a seat for kayak. To also make your search easier, we have put together a list of the best seats that will work on most kayaks. 

How We Chose the Best Replacement Seats for Kayaks?

We have spent hours and hours researching replacement kayak seats on the market. Once we have determined what models and brands were available, we were able to create a shortlist of all the products we liked, those with the highest ratings, and most recommended by kayakers. 

From there, we put together all the seats together and compared them by their quality, versatility, value for money, features, and overall comfortability. After much consideration and discussion within our team, we were then able to cut down our list to only the top 5 seats for kayaks. Sit in, sit on top, or inflatable, no matter what type of vessel you have, you’re sure to find the right seat for you here.

Top 5 The Best Seat for Kayak

Why we love it: 

  • Solid hooks for attachment
  • High back design
  • Comes with a waterproof storage bag

What it is best for:

  • Sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks

The Leader Accessories Deluxe Seat ranks first among the universal kayaks seats and the best sit on top kayak seats on the market. With its durable, ergonomic, and thick foam padding, you will be more comfortable and supported for longer trips on the water. 

This seat can accommodate plenty of kayak types and models with its 2 mounting straps in front and 2 straps in the back. It also has adjustable webbing, so you can easily fix it in place. What’s more, it uses solid brass hooks, which are stronger than most connecting systems. They’re even corrosion-resistant, so they’re sure to last for a long time. 

What’s great about the Leader Accessories Deluxe Seat is that it has a thick and high backrest. Compared to similar products, it’s sturdier. Thus, able to provide you with more support for your back. We also like that it comes with waterproof detachable storage to keep your gear, snacks, medicine, and other items you need quick access to. However, as with all kayak seats – sit on top, sit it, or inflatable – check the size and dimensions before buying.


  • ZDurable and well-made
  • ZEasy to install and remove
  • ZAccommodates a wide variety of kayaks
  • ZThe back is padded well


  • QNot compatible with some kayaks

Why we love it: 

  • High-grade hooks
  • High back design
  • Easy to install and remove

What it is best for:

  • Sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks

The Penban Universal Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat is another great universal kayak seat. It has 4 adjustable straps, so you can fix it in place according to your type of kayak. It is also easy to put in and remove with the help of the copper hooks that it comes with, which are by the way, durable and corrosion-resistant. 

This kayak seat (sit in and sit on top) has a tall backrest, offering you more support for your back. While the sitting area could use more padding, it still provides better comfort than the original seats kayaks come with. Furthermore, its EVA foam padding is ergonomic and form-fitting. So it’s great for any paddler, regardless of size.

It’s also worth mentioning that like our top pick, the Penban Kayak Seat comes with a detachable waterproof storage bag too. So you’ll have extra space to keep your small gear and belongings.


  • ZWide compatibility
  • ZComes with a detachable storage bag
  • ZSuitable for all body sizes


  • QThe sitting area could use more padding

Why we love it: 

  • Foldable
  • Breathable
  • Easy to clean

What it is best for:

  • Sit-on-top and inflatable kayaks
  • Fishing kayaks

If you’re looking for a replacement seat for kayak, especially for fishing, then you may want to check out the Pactrade Marine Kayak Seat. It is a lawn chair type of seat, which allows you to sit higher on the water. Thus, cast better – while getting the back support you need.

Made with Textilene mesh fabric, which is a byproduct of polyester core yarn, this seat is designed for outdoors. It is very breathable and comfortable to sit in. Moreover, it’s extremely durable and long-lasting. You don’t even have to worry about getting it wet as it dries quickly, is easy to clean, and is resistant to rot and mildew. 

Now, there aren’t many lawn chair types of seats that are compatible with different kayaks. This is why when we saw this, we knew we had to include it on our list. Sure, it’s not ideal for sit-in kayaks. But if you are into fishing and using a sit-on-top or inflatable, then this is an excellent choice. 


  • ZPortable
  • ZOffers ample support
  • ZEasy to set up


  • QNot suitable for sit-in kayaks

Why we love it: 

  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive

What it is best for:

  • Sit-on-top, sit-in, pedal, and inflatables kayaks

Does your current seating setup provide you with enough support for your back but not for your bum? If so, then you may just want to add the Hornet Anti-slip kayak seat. It’s basically just cushioning that you can add to your seat for better comfort while paddling. There are no straps and hooks for you to consider and fix. You can just put it on top of your existing kayak seat, and you’re ready to go. 

This cushioned seat is thick but not too thick. So you’re still able to move on it. Its padding is made of PU foam core, which makes it soft and comfortable. It also has a silicone print underneath, so it will stay in place while you’re on the water. 

The Hornet Cushion is an inexpensive yet effective sit in kayak seat upgrade. That said, it also works on any type of kayak. So whether you have a sit-on-top, pedal, or inflatable, you will surely be more comfortable with this on your vessel.


  • ZCompatible with many kayak brands and styles
  • ZErgonomic design
  • ZVery comfortable


  • QCan be small for bigger paddlers

Why we love it: 

  • Quick-drying
  • Comfortable
  • Made of high-quality materials

What it is best for:

  • Sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks

Planning for a sit inside kayak seat upgrade? If so, then you may want to try the Yakpads Cushioned Seat Pad. Its low backrest is the perfect height for a sit-in kayak while still ensuring you have enough support for your back. 

This kayak sit in seat’s padding is made out of elastomer gel, making it firm yet flexible. So you can move around while paddling with no worry. Also, since this is made of thin gel, it will not clump together like foam even when used for a long time. Add that to its seamless neoprene surface, and you’ll have a seat pad that’s unaffected by hot or cold weather. 

The Yakpads Cushioned Seat Pad has stabilizer straps, which you can easily adjust to fit in your sit-in kayak. Not only that, but it’s versatile and can be used in other settings aside from kayaking, too. For instance, you can use it at the office, in your car, or whenever you need more comfort from your seat. 


  • ZFirm yet flexible
  • ZDoes not compress over time
  • ZCan be used outside of kayaking


  • QAdjustment straps can be short for some kayaks

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Kayak Seat?

Kayaks already come with seats. But more often than not, they don’t provide the comfort and support many would like to have. In that case, all you need to do is find a kayak replacement seat. But with all the options available on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. So to help you make an informed decision, here’s everything you need to look out for and consider when buying a replacement seat for kayak. 

Kayak and Type

The first thing you have to consider is your kayak. Do you have a sit-in, sit-on-top, or inflatable? See, your kayak type greatly affects the type of seat you can choose from. To give you a better idea, here are the different types of kayak seats available today: 

Universal Kayak Seat

This is the most common type of kayak seat replacement. Its back and base are connected and it folds down like a clamshell. It has straps supporting the back, which you can attach to your kayak’s hull. 

In this matter, however, universal doesn’t really mean “universal”. This type of seat is mostly designed for sit-on-top kayaks as the backrest can be quite tall. It will, however, still work on sit-ins. Just make sure to pay attention to the backrest’s height. 

Twin Set Kayak Seat

A twin-set kayak seat comes in 2 separate pieces. It has a base and a backrest, which you can mix and match to find the perfect combination that suits your needs. This is great for sit-in kayaks as you can choose the base that you want and a smaller backrest that can fit your vessel. 

In line with this, if you’re current seat already provides great back support, you can also just get extra padding for your bottom. If so, then you can add a foam cushion to your setup. 

Lawn Chair Kayak Seat

More common among kayak anglers, this type of seat will allow you to sit higher while giving you support that’s more similar to a traditional chair. Typically, it has a metal frame with a seat and back made of fabric. 

This type of seat is mostly seen on fishing kayaks. It provides better support and will allow you to sit and stand easier. 

Inflatable Kayak Seat 

There is also a kayak inflatable seat, which is usually only seen in inflatable kayaks. However, there’s no reason for you to use it on a hard-shell kayak if you want. Take note, however, that it doesn’t offer much support and that it doesn’t have the best quality. 


A seat’s padding will give you an idea of comfortable it will be during your ride. While it’s tempting to go for the most padded kayak seats you can find, keep in mind that they can be very hot as well. So rather than relying on the thickness, look at the type and material of padding instead. 

Choose from one of the most common types of padding below to determine the right cushioned kayak seat for you: 

  • EVA: While not the most durable, this type of foam is affordable and can last for a relatively long time when taken care of properly. It offers ample ventilation and better comfort, which makes it a good kayak seat upgrade.
  • Thermo-molded: This type of foam is comfortable and is one of the cushiest options you can have. Take note, however, that they’re not so great during warm weather. 
  • Pressure-molded: Here’s another type of foam that’s not great in the heat. It is, however, very durable, comfortable, and among the few that do not compress. Thus, making it a great choice for long trips on the water. 
  • Gel: This type of foam is one of the most comfortable. It doesn’t compress over time, offers great weight distribution, and excellent support. But it does overheat in hot weather. So if you are interested in this padding, make sure it has a good exterior fabric that can keep you dry and cool.

In terms of padding, you should also consider its position. This is to make sure you’ll have enough support for the transfer of weight while paddling. That said, there should be more padding on the lateral areas as these are where most of the motions happen. It should also be modular and ergonomic to support the contours of your body. 

Furthermore, a cushioned kayak seat should be stiff enough to provide your back support. At the same time, it should also be flexible for you to move freely. 


Kayak seats are available in different materials and combinations. This is important to consider as it will give you an idea of how they can stand up against the elements. It will also tell you how comfortable and breathable they are while you’re paddling. So what’s the best material for a replacement seat kayak? 

Again, this depends on your needs. To help you figure it out, here’s everything you need to know about every kayak seat material.

  • Nylon and Polyester: These materials are great choices for a kayak’s seat cover. They offer excellent ventilation and are naturally moisture-wicking. Thus, you can keep cool and dry even on hot days. Furthermore, they provide great support while still being flexible. On top of that, they are durable and inexpensive, which is why they’re such popular choices. 
  • Neoprene: While not as common as nylon and polyester, this type of material is a better choice for those who tend to get wet during their excursions. This makes it a great sit on top kayak seat upgrade, for fishing kayaks, or when you usually take on rough waters. Additionally, it’s made of the same material as bathing suits and wetsuits. Thus, they are excellent in saltwater, too. 

Size and Mounting Straps

You should also check if a seat fits your kayak. So make sure to know the measurement of your vessel’s cockpit before buying. As for the size, you should also check a seat’s height and width and compare it to your back and hip measurements. This will give you an idea if it will fit you. 

Aside from that, you should also look out for a seat’s mounting straps or attachment system. Then make sure it’s compatible with your vessel. 

Back Height

When it comes to a kayak’s seat, the backrest is as important as the bottom. So make sure to look for one that covers most of your back as this will give you the best comfort and lumbar support. This will also help you have better posture while paddling while providing you something to lean on when you’re tired. Furthermore, a high back seat is also better for those who often experience back pain while kayaking or those who cover long distances. 

On the other hand, if you have a sit-in kayak and tend to use a spray skirt, you might want something with a lower back instead. Now, whether you go with a low back or high back seat, make sure that it is adjustable so you can find the best angle that suits you.  


Some of the best seats for kayaks have storage spaces, which are usually in a form of a pouch on the backrest. You can use it to store your gear, snacks, and other items. This is pretty convenient, especially in a kayak where space is very valuable. So it’s a good idea that you choose a seat that offers 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are kayak seats universal?

A: There are kayak seats that are universal. They can be fixed into almost all types or brands of kayaks, and they can be adjusted to fit any body type. However, universal kayak seats are not as universal as you may think. This is because these types of seats are usually designed for sit-on-top kayaks.

Q: Are kayak seats comfortable?

A: For many kayaks, the seats that come with them have either very little padding or no padding at all. So they aren’t exactly the most comfortable, especially when you have to sit in them for a long time. This is why many people choose to replace them with a better kayak padded seat.

Q: Can you add a seat to a kayak?

A: Yes, you can add a seat to a kayak. Just make sure to check out the size and attachment system of the seat you are adding to make sure it’s compatible with your kayak.