Best Sit-in Fishing Kayaks

Best Sit In Fishing Kayaks Comparison Chart

Max Capacity
Fishing features
Best for
Bottom line
Best Overall
Wilderness Systems Pungo 125
53 lbs
12 ft 6 inches
29.5 inches
325 lbs
Removable dry box, 2 mounting platforms, a rear hatch, and Slidetrax for accessories
Calm lakes, slow-moving rivers, and calm coastal waters
Great performance on the water, fast, lightweight, comfortable seat, looks great and has lots of handy features for fishing
Limited storage
A combination of stability, comfort, convenience, durability, and everything you need in a fishing kayak without sacrificing performance.
Perception Sound 10.5
46 lbs
10 ft 6 inches
29.5 inches
335 lbs
2 mounting points on the dashboard and 2 molded-in rod holders
Lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, and calm coastal waters
Comfortable even for larger paddlers, smooth steering, durable, designed for anglers, and has ample storage
This is a solid, reliable, comfortable, and stable sit in fishing kayak in a compact size.
Sun Dolphin Excursion
41 lbs
10 ft
30 inches
250 lbs
2 flush mount rod holders and 1 swivel rod holder
Lakes and rivers
Lightweight, rugged, has fishing rod holders, and is very stable
The seat can be more comfortable
This is a lightweight yet solid and stable kayak that’s designed to meet every angler’s needs.
Perception Flash 9.5
41 lbs
9 ft 6 inches
28.5 inches
325 lbs
Paddle park, dry storage hatch, and 2 molded-in rod holders
Lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, and calm coastal environments
Very easy to maneuver, has convenient fishing features, has extra storage options, very durable, and lightweight
Dry storage isn't very watertight
Lightweight and compact with a few extras to give you the most convenient fishing experience possible.
Best Bang for the Buck
Intex Challenger Kayak
28.28 lbs
9 ft
30 inches
220 lbs
Removable skeg and front cargo with net
Lakes and mild rivers
Lightweight, compact, easy to set up, easy to store, and durable
Small max weight capacity
The easiest to transport, pack away, and store, this is a sit-in inflatable kayak that’s great for quick fishing trips.

Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of sit in fishing kayaks in the market. This is great since you’re sure to find something that best suits your fishing preference and style. On the downside, having so many options can also make it difficult for you to choose which one to buy.

So to make your search easier, we have put together a list of the best sit in fishing kayaks available today. We have also made a buying guide to help you make an informed decision and make sure you’ll only end up with a kayak that you can enjoy fishing from for a very long time.

How We Chose the Best Sit-Inside Fishing Kayak?

We have looked all over for the best sit-inside fishing kayak models on the market. After hours of research, we were able to create a shortlist of all those with the highest customer rating and those highly recommended by fishers. 

From there, we had to cut down our list by comparing the kayaks against each other. We looked at their performance, quality, durability, features, and overall value for money. We then discussed among our team which ones to include and which ones to drop. After much consideration, we were left with only the top 5 sit inside fishing kayak models that are sure to meet your needs while on the water. 

So no matter what kayak you go with on our list, we guarantee that it can provide you with the safest and most comfortable fishing experience possible. 

Top 5 The Best Sit In Fishing Kayak

Why we love it: 

  • Fast
  • Easy to transport
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat

What it is best for:

  • Calm lakes, slow-moving rivers, and calm coastal waters

Our top pick for the best sit in fishing kayak is the Wilderness Systems Pungo 125. It’s a combination of stability, comfort, versatility, and convenience without sacrificing performance. So if you’re looking for a fast boat that paddles smoothly when you go out fishing, then this is definitely one of your best choices. 

What’s great about this kayak is that it offers many options for customization. Its dashboard has 2 cupholders, a removable dry box, 2 mounting platforms, and a SlideTrax where you can put mounts for your fishing rods, fish finder, phone, and other accessories. In case you’re interested in buying a battery to keep your electronics charged while on the water, there’s also a recess built specifically for it. 

We also liked that the Wilderness Systems Pungo 125 is incredibly comfortable and able to accommodate any rider size. Equipped with a patented Phase 3 AirPro seating system, the seat is fully adjustable and offers great support for your lower back. Furthermore, the cockpit is surprisingly roomy, and the footrests are adjustable. Plus, there are thigh pads that provide a more comfortable fit. 


  • ZGreat for larger paddlers
  • ZPerforms well on the water
  • ZVery stable


  • QLimited storage

Why we love it: 

  • Smooth steering
  • Designed for anglers
  • Solid and very durable

What it is best for:

  • Lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, and calm coastal waters

Here’s another fishing kayak sit in type that’s designed for anglers. It has 2 molded-in fishing rod holders and 2 mounting points on the dashboard where you can put in Perception’s Solo Mount accessory system. With it, you can attach an assortment of accessories to your kayak and put in a fish finder, GPS, phone holder, or additional rod holder. 

As for storage, this kayak has a large open storage area at the back for your cooler, fishing crate, and other gear. The molded-in dashboard also has spaces to keep your essentials handy. Aside from that, this kayak is also very comfortable. It has an extra cushy seat with an adjustable backrest, providing you with optimal support. 

The Perception Sound 10.5 is solid and very stable. For a sit-in, it’s also very spacious. Add that with adjustable footrests, and it can fit any size of paddler with no problem. Furthermore, it is light and compact enough, so you can easily handle and transport it on your own. 


  • ZComfortable even for larger riders
  • ZGreat performance on the water
  • ZHas ample storage


  • QSlow

Why we love it: 

  • Easy to transport
  • Very stable
  • Rugged

What it is best for:

  • Lakes and rivers

Here’s a sit in kayak fishing model that can help you get to your favorite hard-to-reach fishing spots easier. The Sun Dolphin Excursion is equipped with 2 flush-mount rod holders and 1 swivel rod holder, so you can carry and store your fishing rods with ease. It also has a storage compartment at the back for your gear.

This is a very durable kayak with decent tracking and is easy to maneuver. With a 30-inch beam, it’s also wider than many sit-in types. Thus, it’s more stable and almost impossible to flip. Furthermore, it weighs only 41 lbs and measures only 10ft long. So it’s easy to carry and transport. 

The Sun Dolphin Excursion’s cockpit is roomy, and the protective thigh pads were a nice touch as it provides some comfort while paddling. On the downside, its seat isn’t the most comfortable. However, you can easily fix that with some cheap seat cushions. Overall, this is a rugged, lightweight, and surprisingly affordable fishing kayak that does what it’s supposed to – help you fish. 


  • ZLightweight and compact
  • ZGood tracking and easy to maneuver
  • ZDesigned for fishing


  • QThe seat can be more comfortable

Why we love it: 

  • Easy to transport
  • Very durable
  • Has extra storage options

What it is best for:

  • Beginners
  • Lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, and calm coastal environments

The Perception Flash 9.5 is a very stable, durable, and incredibly lightweight angler sit in kayak that delivers an awesome performance. Just 9.5 ft long and weighing 41 lbs, it’s easy to carry and transport. Its shorter length also makes it easy to maneuver and control while on the water. 

This boat is simple and requires little to no maintenance. Yet, it does come with a few handy features to make your fishing experience more comfortable. It has an easy-access dashboard where you can put your small gear and drink. It also has 2 molded-in rod holders and a paddle park to keep your hands free. Plus, there’s a 10-inch storage hatch at the back to hold your gear. 

What’s great about the Perception Flash 9.5 is that you’re able to sit in it and fish for an extended time. The cockpit is spacious and the high-back seat is cushioned with an adjustable back. The foot braces are also adjustable. So it’s great for paddlers of any size.  


  • ZVery easy to maneuver
  • ZComes with fishing features
  • ZLightweight
  • ZAccommodates any size of paddler


  • QDry storage isn’t very watertight

Why we love it: 

  • Easy to transport and store
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Stable

What it is best for:

  • Lakes and mild rivers

If you’re looking for a kayak that you can just carry on a bag, inflate and pack away in minutes, and throw at the back of your car once you’re done, then we recommend the Intex Challenger Kayak. It’s an inflatable type that’s lightweight and portable. You’ll have no trouble transporting and storing it. What’s more, it comes with everything you need to hit the water and catch some fish. 

This kayak also comes with a removable skeg, which improves its directional movement. It’s easy to maneuver, too. So you can get to hard-to-reach fishing spots with ease. As for storage, it doesn’t offer much and it can only hold little weight. There is, however, a cargo net area in front where you can put in your gear. 

Sure, the Intex Challenger Kayak doesn’t have fishing features like rod holders or mounting points. It also has a small max weight capacity. However, it is very comfortable to sit in and it’s surely capable of providing you with a stable ride for quick fishing trips.


  • ZCheap
  • ZLightweight and portable
  • ZComes in a complete set


  • QSmall max weight capacity

What to Look For When Choosing the Best Sit In Fishing Kayak?

Over the years, there have been a lot of sit-in fishing kayaks that are being offered in the market. This can make it harder for you to choose which one to buy. So to help you find the right sit-in kayak that meets your needs and fishing style, here are the features you need to look out for before deciding to buy: 

Weight Capacity

Every kayak has a rated max weight capacity or the total amount of load it can carry. Anything above it will make it unsafe and unusable. However, for the best paddling experience and performance, you’ll need to stay within 70% of the max limit. So if the max weight capacity of the boat is 350 lbs, you shouldn’t go over 245 lbs. 

Now, before you buy a kayak, you have to find out how much you weigh and all the gear you’re taking with you. Once you have an estimate, look for kayaks that can accommodate that combined weight without exceeding 70% of its max capacity rating. 


When it comes to fishing, stability is one of the most important things you should look out for. Here’s where a kayak’s width comes into play. See, a wider hull gives more volume. Thus, making it more stable. So the wider it is, the more stable it will be on the water. 

A wider hull also means more comfort. It creates more room in the cockpit, allowing you to move more freely and have more space for your legs. However, as you go wider, the slower it will also be. So make sure to look for sit-in kayaks that are no less than 28 inches wide. 


The length of a kayak is also important as it will affect its maneuverability and speed on the water. For instance, shorter kayaks or those not longer than 11ft can make turns faster and are easier to steer. On the other hand, longer kayaks or those 12ft and longer can cruise and cut through the water better. 

What does this mean? Well, if you’re fishing on small and calm bodies of water, best choose something short. If you’re heading out on large bodies of water, then you might want to get a longer one. 

Aside from the water type, your body type is also a factor when choosing the right kayak length to go with. For example, if you’re taller and have a bigger body size, then you should go with a longer kayak. This will give you more room for your legs and for moving around. 


What’s great about sit-in fishing kayaks is that they’re lighter and, thus, easier to carry than sit-on-tops. But still, you should check the weight and see if it’s light enough for you to handle on your own. You should consider how you want to move it from storage to your car and the water, and vice versa. 

When choosing, you should also consider that heavier kayaks are usually more durable and last longer. Meanwhile, lighter kayaks are designed for ease of transport and storage. 


Fishing is an activity that takes hours on end. So when looking for a kayak to fish from, you’ll need something that you can sit in for an extended time. It should be comfortable with seats that provide ample support on your back. Ideally, it should be adjustable and cushioned, too. There should also be adjustable footrests, so you can stay upright when paddling. 

Additionally, the cockpit should have enough space for you to move freely and reach your gear. This is very important as some sit-in styles have tightly confined spaces. 


One of the disadvantages of using a sit-in fishing kayak is limited storage. Unlike sit-on-tops, it doesn’t have large storage spaces in front or back. It can’t be used to carry a cooler, crate, or tackle box either. What it has are several small molded-in areas to keep your essentials within reach and hatches at the bow or stern, or both. 

That said, consider the things you want to take with you while fishing and try to look for kayaks that can accommodate all of them. If you can, choose a kayak with a roomy cockpit so you can also utilize it for storing your gear. 

Fishing Features

Unlike recreational kayaks, fishing kayaks are specifically designed with features that can improve your game and make your fishing trips more comfortable. That said, any fishing feature is a big bonus when you’re in the water. This includes rod holders and extra storage options. Some models also have mounting points where you can attach more rod holders, GPS, fish finder, phone, or other fishing accessories. Other add-ons that can come in handy are paddle holders or paddle leashes, and cupholders. 

Benefits of Sit In Fishing Kayaks

There are many reasons why some fishers prefer sit-in kayaks. Since they’re not as wide as sit-on-tops and have a lower center of gravity, they are faster and track straighter. This also makes them more efficient to paddle and easier to cruise the water in.   

With a sit-in type, multiple parts of your body are in contact with the boat. This gives you greater control and maneuverability, which is perfect if the water is rough. Furthermore, this makes it easier for navigating around tight spaces.

Aside from that, sit-inside kayaks usually weigh less than sit-on kayaks. This makes them easier to carry and transport. In fact, you can even do the moving all on your own. It’s also worth mentioning that sit-ins offer more dry storage areas. So you can put your gear and other personal belongings and not worry about them getting wet and ruined. 

Lastly, these types of kayaks are designed to shelter you from the elements. This means you’ll be able to stay drier and warmer while on the water. You can even add a spray skirt to keep the cold air and water away from entering while you paddle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can you fish from a sit-in kayak?

A: Yes, you can fish from a sit-in kayak. While it’s a little more challenging than fishing from a sit-on-top kayak, it is very possible. Many prefer sit-in types of kayaks because they are fast and easier to maneuver, making them better when fishing in tight spots or rivers. 

Q: Is a sit in kayak better for fishing?

A: A sit in kayak is better for fishing if it’s quick and you don’t plan to carry too much gear with you. It also offers more protection from the elements, so it’s better if you’re fishing during colder days. Furthermore, because it is faster and easier to maneuver, it’s better when you’re fishing in tight spots or rivers. Outside of these conditions, however, a sit-on-top is still the top choice for fishing.

Q: Is a sit in or sit on better?

A: A sit in and sit on are better in different things. For instance, sit-in kayaks are better during colder weather. Their enclosed cockpit design provides more protection from the elements, thus, keeping you warmer and drier. Meanwhile, sit-on-top kayaks are more stable and are almost unsinkable. This makes them better for fishing and recreational kayaking.