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What to consider when choosing right camping?

{Camping is a great pastime|Camping is a wonderful pastime|Camping is an enjoyable pastime|Camping is a fantastic pastime|Camping is a fun pastime|Camping is a popular pastime|It is a great way to relax|Camping can be a relaxing pastime} {and many people enjoy|and many people love|and many people like|and a lot of people enjoy|and many enjoy|that many people are interested in|and lots of people enjoy|as many people appreciate} {spending time outdoors|being outdoors|going out in the great outdoors|having fun outdoors|taking a walk in the fresh air|getting outdoors|enjoying time in the outdoors|exploring the outdoors}. If {you are new to|you're new to|you're brand new to|you're just beginning to grasp|you're not familiar with|you're new|this is your first time to} {the idea of camping then|camping,|the concept of camping,} {you may be overwhelmed by|you might be overwhelmed by|you could be overwhelmed by|you might feel overwhelmed by|it is possible that you are overwhelmed by|it's possible you'll be overwhelmed with|there is a chance that you will be overwhelmed with|your mind may be overwhelmed} {all the information out there|all the information available|the amount of information available|the vast amount of information available|all the information that is available|all the information you can find|all the information on the internet|all of the information available}. {So why not invest in|Why not invest in|So why not consider investing in|Why not take a look at|Therefore, why not invest in|So why don't you invest in|What's the reason to invest in|So , why not consider} this article? {We've listed some helpful considerations|We've provided some useful tips|We've put together some tips|Here are some suggestions|We've included some good tips|We've listed some great tips|There are some valuable tips|The following suggestions are helpful} {for anyone who wants to|for those who want to|for those looking to|that anyone can use to|for those wanting to|that will help anyone|for anyone looking to|in order to} {avoid making mistakes when it|avoid mistakes when it|stay clear of making mistakes when it|be sure not to make mistakes when it|avoid mistakes when|avoid making mistakes when|avoid making mistakes while it|keep from making mistakes when} {comes to campground selection|is about choosing a campground|concerns choosing the right campground|regards to choosing the best campground|regards choosing a campground|involves choosing a campground|is time to choose a campground|is time to pick a campsite}.

General considerations:

1. {What Type of Camper Are|What kind of camper are|What Kind of Camper Are|Which kind of camper are} You?

There are {many different factors|a variety of factors|numerous factors|many factors|a myriad of aspects|several factors|many aspects|various factors} {to consider when choosing|to take into consideration when selecting|to think about when selecting|to be considered when choosing|that you should consider when selecting|to take into account when choosing|to consider when picking|to take into consideration when choosing} {a campsite|the best campsite|the right campsite|an area to camp at|a camping spot|your campsite|a camp site|the ideal campsite}. One {of the most important considerations|of the most important factors|of the most important aspects to consider|one of the most important things to think about|crucial factor to take into consideration|among the most important ones|essential consideration|key consideration} is {what type|the type|what kind} {of camper you are|that camper are you|person you're|camping style you prefer|or camper type you're|the camper that you're|is of person camping|and kind of camping enthusiast you're}. {Do you want to be|Are you looking to be|Do you wish to be|Are you planning to be|Are you seeking to be|Do you prefer to be|Do you want to live|Do you need to be} {close to other people|near to others|close to people|near other campers|in close proximity to others|closer to other campers|with other campers|near to other people}? {Is it an RV,|Are you using an RV,|Do you have an RV,|Are you in an RV,|Are you camping in an RV or} tent{, or will you be| or} {sleeping in your car|staying in the car|camping in your vehicle|resting in your car|sleep in your car|at home in your car|living in your car|asleep in your car}? There are {a few things|some things|a few points|a few considerations|several things|some considerations|certain things|a few aspects} {to keep in mind when|to consider when|to be aware of when|to remember when|you should keep in mind while|to think about when|to take into consideration when|you need to consider while} {doing this such as car|making this decision, such as car|you are doing this, like car|taking this route, including car|camping, such as vehicle|doing this like car|performing this type of camping such as car|using this method, such as the car} {restrictions, fires, and|limitations, fires, and|restrictions, fires, as well as|restrictions, fires and|limits, fires, and|restriction, fires, or|restrictions, firesor|regulations, fires,} {other campers around you|other campers in the vicinity|others camping around you|other campers}.

2. Where {is it located|is it located?}

{When choosing a camping ground|When selecting a campground|When you are choosing a campsite|When picking a camping site|If you're looking to choose a camping spot|When you choose a camping area|When picking a camp site|In selecting a campground}{, it is imperative to| it is essential to| it is crucial to| it is important to| It is vital to| you must| it is vital to| one must} {choose carefully|select carefully|pick carefully|make a wise choice|be careful when choosing a camping ground|take your time when selecting a campground|choose wisely|choose with care}. {Camping grounds are different depending|The camping grounds vary based|Camping sites differ based|Camping grounds differ based|Camping grounds differ depending|The types of camping sites vary based|Camping grounds vary depending|There are various camping areas based} on their {location, amenities, and|facilities, location, and|area, amenities, and|locations, amenities, as well as|surroundings, amenities, and|setting, amenities, and|accessibility, their location, and|place of operation, facilities, and} {safety|security}. {An urban camping area will|A camping site in the city will|In urban areas, you will|Urban camping areas will|A city-based camping area may|An urban campsite will|The urban camping location will|A campsite in the city may} not {have the same things|offer the same amenities|have the same amenities} {as a rural setting|as rural areas|like a rural one|that a rural location does|in a rural area|as a country setting|as a countryside setting|similar to a rural environment}. For {example|instance}{, in an urban place| in a city,| in an urban area,| when you are in a urban location,| In an urban setting,| the urban environment| that in an urban setting| it is in an urban location} {noise won't be an issue|there is no noise|the noise level won't be a problem|noise isn't a concern|it's not a big deal to hear|noise shouldn't be a problem|the noise will not be a major issue|there will be no issues with noise} {since the city can typically|because the city will typically|as the city is able to|since cities usually|because cities typically|since the city may|as cities can usually|due to the fact that cities generally} {provide some relief|offer some respite|provide some respite} {from background noises and traffic|from the background noises and traffic|from traffic and background noises|from the noise and traffic|from noise and traffic|from the background sounds and traffic|of traffic and background noises|from traffic and noise} {so there may be|therefore there might be|which is why there are|and therefore, there could be|so you might find|thus there will be|consequently there might be|so there could be} {more bars or grocery stores|more bars and grocery stores|many bars and stores|more bars or stores|some bars or supermarkets|additional bars or grocery stores|several bars and supermarkets|numerous bars or food stores} {nearby for people to|close by for visitors to|near by that people can|in the vicinity for people to|within a short distance for guests to|nearby to people|in close proximity for those to|close enough for the people to} {take advantage of too|benefit from too|enjoy too|avail of as well|use too|make use of|utilize too|profit from too}. {Rural camping areas can offer|Camping areas in rural areas may provide|Camping in the countryside can provide|Camping sites in rural areas could provide|The camping areas that are rural can offer|Rural camping sites can provide|Camping areas in rural areas offer|Camp sites that are located in rural areas can offer} {access to trails and wilderness|the opportunity to hike trails and go for wild} {exploring but there are likely|exploration, but there's|exploring , but there's|exploring , however there are|exploration but there's|exploring but there's} {going to be less services|to be fewer services|to be fewer amenities|going to be fewer facilities|not as many amenities|going to be few services|more services|will be less amenities} {like restaurants or shops places|such as restaurants and shops|like shops or restaurants|like eateries or shopping places|such as shops and restaurants|like cafes or restaurants|like restaurants or stores|including restaurants or shopping establishments} {nearby|close by|in the vicinity|within the vicinity|near by}.

3. Safety

{Safety should be your|Security should be the|Safety is the|Safety is your} {number one priority when choosing|top priority when selecting|first priority when picking|primary concern when you choose|main concern when selecting|most important consideration when selecting|top priority when choosing|first priority when you select} {a campsite|the best campsite|the right campsite|your campsite|an area to camp|the ideal campsite|the perfect campsite|a camping spot}. {You want to make sure|You should ensure|It is important to ensure|You must ensure|It's important to ensure|You need to make sure|It's best to make sure|You want to be sure} {that it's far away from|that the location is free of|that the site isn't in close proximity to|that it is safe from|that it's not in the vicinity of|you aren't near|that it's away from|that it's safe from} {any dangerous wildlife,|any wildlife that could be dangerous,|any animals that can be dangerous|any wild animals that could pose danger,|any dangerous wildlife|the dangers of wildlife|any dangersome wildlife,|all wildlife that could pose danger to you,} {and preferably has good visibility|and , ideally, has good visibility|and should have good visibility|and most importantly, it has good visibility|and has preferably good visibility|and that it is preferably with good visibility|and with a good view|as well as having a clear view} {in the area as well|within the vicinity as well|throughout the area|around the area|across the entire area|within the region as well}. {There should also be|You should also have|Also, there should be|It should also include|There must also be|There must be} {some type of shelter to|an appropriate shelter to|some kind of shelter to|at least one shelter that can|some sort of shelter to|any kind of shelter available to|some form of shelter to|some kind of shelter in place to} {help keep you safe|protect you|ensure your safety|provide protection} from {the sun or rain|rain or sun|the elements, rain or sun|rain or the sun|rain and sun}. {Make sure that the ground|Be sure the ground|Make sure the ground|Make sure the surface|It is important to ensure that the ground|You should ensure that the floor|Make sure that the terrain|Check that the surface} is {flat, and won't|level and doesn't|level, and won't|level, and will not} {easily give out under you|easily collapse under you|easily crumble under your feet|readily give way under pressure|easily give up under you|readily collapse under you|be able to easily give way|quickly give way} {if it's wet outside|when it's raining outside|in the event of rain|even if it's damp outside|when it's humid outside|in case it's wet out|even when it's wet outside|when it's damp outside}.

4. Cost

{One of the most important|One of the primary|One of the most crucial|One of the main|One of the biggest|The most important|One of most important|The primary} {factors to consider when choosing|aspects to take into consideration when selecting|things to think about when picking|factors to be considered when choosing|factors to consider when selecting|factors to take into account when selecting|elements to consider when selecting|aspects to consider when picking} {a campsite is the cost|the right campsite is the price|an area to camp is the cost|a camping spot is the price|one is the cost|your campsite is its cost|the best campsite is cost|a campground is the price}. {Campgrounds can range in price|Camping facilities can cost|The cost of camping can vary|Camping sites can range|Campgrounds range in cost|Campgrounds are priced|Camping grounds can cost|Campgrounds vary in price} {from $12-$100 a night,|between $12 and $100 per night,|between $12-$100 per night,|from $12 to $100 per night|from $12-$100 for a night|from $16-$100 per night|of between $12 and $100 per night|in the range of $12 to $100 per night} {so it's important to find|therefore it is important to choose|so it's crucial to select|making it crucial to pick|which is why it's essential to locate|so it's vital to select|thus it's imperative to select|therefore, it's important to choose} {one that fits your budget|one that is within your budget|one that's within your budget|one that's affordable for you|one that's in your budget|the one that's suitable for your budget|one that's priced to suit your needs|an option that's within your budget}. {It's also important to consider|It's also crucial to take into consideration|Also, it's important to think about|It's also important to take into account|It's also important to look at|You should also consider|You must also take into consideration|Also, you should consider} {other factors such as the|other aspects like the|other factors like the|other factors , such as the|additional factors like the|other aspects, like the|additional aspects such as the|different aspects like} {size of the campground|size of the campsite|dimensions of the campground|size of the camp|dimension of the park|area of the campground|size of the camping area|amount of space available}{, how close it is| and how close| and its proximity| as well as its proximity| and the distance} {to attractions|to popular attractions|to the attractions|to major attractions|to tourist attractions|to other attractions|from attractions|in proximity to places of interest}.

5. What {activities campground offers|are the activities offered by the campground|kinds of activities can you find at the campground?|is the nature of the campground?|kind of activities is offered at campgrounds|activities are available at the campground|kinds of activities does the campground have?|activities do campgrounds have to offer}

{When selecting a campsite|When choosing a camping site|When you are choosing a campground|In selecting a camp site|If you're looking to choose a campsite|When you're choosing a site to camp|When choosing a place to camp|In choosing a campsite}{, there are a lot| there are plenty| there are lots| There are a variety} {of things to take into|of factors to take into|of aspects to take into|of considerations to take into|of elements to take in|of different factors to take|of variables to take|options to take into} {account|consideration}. {A great place to start|The best place to begin|One of the best places to begin|The first step} is {figuring out what your|to determine what your|to figure out what your|to identify what your|determining what your|to figure out what the} {group's main priority|group's primary goal|group's top priority|group's most important goal|team's primary focus|principal concern for your group|organization's major goal|groups' primary objective} is. {Campsites can offer a wide|Camping sites can provide a broad|Campsites offer a diverse|Campgrounds are able to offer a|Camping facilities can offer a vast|Campgrounds have a wide|Camps can offer a|Camping grounds can provide a} {range of activities, including|variety of options, such as|array of activities, like|selection of recreational opportunities, including|assortment of opportunities, such as|array of different activities, including|variety of services, including|choice of activities like} {basketball courts, volleyball|volleyball courts, basketball} courts{, horseback riding, movie| and horseback riding, film| as well as horseback riding, movie| or horseback riding. They also have movie| for horseback riding, movie| along with horseback riding, movies| including horseback rides, movie| in addition to horseback-riding, movie} {nights, dancing, kayak/boat|evenings, dancing, kayak/boat|night, dancing, kayak/boat|nights, dance, kayak or boat|nights, dancing, boat/kayak|evenings, dancing nights, kayak/boat|events, dancing, and kayak/boat|parties, dancing, kayak/boat} {rentals, bike rentals,|rentals, bike rentals|rental, bike rentals|rentals, bike rental} {etc|and more|etc|and so on}.

6. Grill/Fire Pit

{The number one thing all|The most important thing that all|The top thing|One of the most important things that|The first thing that|The first thing|The main thing|Most important for} {campers look for is having|campers want is|campers are looking for is|campers seek is|camping enthusiasts want is|campers desire is|campers need is|campers search for is} {a place for a grill|an area to grill|the ability to grill|the space for grilling|places to grill|an area for grilling|somewhere to grill} or {making a bonfire|a bonfire|setting up a bonfire|to make a bonfire|for a bonfire|even a bonfire|a fire pit}. {Can you imagine camping without|Do you think of camping without|What is the point of camping if you aren't|Are you imagining camping without|Would you like to go camping and not|How do you imagine camping|Is it possible to imagine camping without|Can you imagine camping with out} {sitting around a fire after|having a bonfire to enjoy after|being able to sit around a campfire after|the fire in the middle after|gathering around a fire after|burning a bonfire after|sitting by a burning fire after|enjoying a bonfire in the} {dark and enjoying the night|darkness and taking in the night|dark , and looking at the night|dark and taking in the beautiful night|it gets dark, while gazing at the night|getting dark and watching the night|sunset and taking in the dark|dusk and enjoying the night} sky?

7. Water

Another {important amenity is|essential amenity is|significant amenity is|vital amenity is the|major benefit is|crucial amenity is drinking|benefit is|key feature is} water{; it can come|. It can be sourced|. It comes|. It's available|. It's able to come|. It's possible to get it|. It's accessible|. Water can come} {from many sources, from|from a variety of sources, from|from numerous sources, ranging from|through a variety of sources, including|in a variety from|via a variety sources, from|out of a variety of sources ranging from|at a variety, from} {an urban water supply system|the urban water system,|an irrigation system for urban areas|its water distribution system in cities|central water systems|an water source in the city|An urban water supply|an industrial water supply network} to {a mountain stream|the mountain stream|mountains streams}. {Important thing to consider is|The most important thing to think about is|It is important to determine|One thing to take into consideration is|A crucial thing to be aware of is|What's important is|It's crucial to know|Important to consider is} {whether it's safe to cook|the safety of cooking|how safe it is to prepare|what is safe for cooking|whether the food is suitable to cook|whether or not it's suitable for cook|whether you can cook|whether cooking with it's safe} {or|with or} drink. {Best ask your host if|Ask your host if|It is best to ask your host if|You should ask your host if|Make sure to ask your host whether|Be sure to ask the host if|Always ask your host if|If you're staying with a host, ask them if} {it's safe to drink without|it's safe to drink the beverage without|it's safe for drinking without|it's okay to drink it without|you can drink it without|you are able to drink without|it's suitable to drink without|you're able to drink it without} boiling{ or should you boil|, or should you boil| or if you should boil|, or if you need to boil| or boiling|. If you must boil|. Alternatively, you can boil|. Or, should you boil} {it before drinking or maybe|before drinking it or perhaps|before drinking, or maybe|it prior to drinking or consuming it, or perhaps|the water prior to drinking, or perhaps|before drinking or|it prior to drinking it or|the drink prior to drinking, or maybe} it's not {safe|suitable} {for drinking and cooking|to drink or cook with|to consume or cook|to cook and drink|for cooking and drinking|to drink and cook with|for drinking or cooking|for cooking or drinking} {at all|in any way}. {Sometimes in some very basic|In some basic|There are times when you're in very basic|In the case of|Sometimes , in the most basic|Sometimes , on very basic|Sometimes , in extremely basic|At times, in basic} {camping grounds, far away|camping areas, away|camping sites, which are far|camping spots, far|camping grounds, that are far|campsites, far|camping areas, far|camping sites, far} {from|of} "civilization" {or in|and in|as well as in|or} {dry|deserted} {places, they may be|areas, there may be|locations, you may have|places, you might have|regions, there is|spots, there could be|locations, there might be|areas, they could have} {limited access to water and|only able to drink water, so|restricted to drinking water and|with limited water access and|not having access to water.|without water, and|inaccessible to water, so|the only source of water available and} {you better bring along|it is recommended to bring|you should bring along|you'll need to bring|you'll have to bring along|it's best to bring|you'll need to carry|take along} your{ own|} water.

8. Toilet

{Another basic amenity you should|A basic requirement is to|Another essential thing you must|Another important thing to consider is that you|Another fundamental requirement is to|Another essential feature you should|Another must-have is toilets. You should|A second essential amenity is to} {have access on almost every|be able to access on nearly every|have at your disposal on every|have on all|get on virtually every|have on your every|enjoy on nearly every|have access to on virtually every} {camping ground, and unless|camping site, and unless|camping spot, and unless|camping area, and, unless|camping site. If|campsite, and even if|camping spot. If|camping ground. And unless} {you have an RV with|you own an RV that has|you're in an RV with|you're traveling in an RV that comes with|you're living in an RV with|there is an RV with|you're camping in an RV equipped with|your RV has} {its own toilet, consider|its own toilet, think|toilet facilities, you should think|toilets, you need to think|its own toilet, make sure you think|the toilet on its own, think|an in-house toilet, think about|its own toilet, be sure to check} {three times before you stay|three times before you decide to stay|three times before deciding to stay|three times before staying|three times prior to deciding to camp|at least three times before staying|3 times before you go|the three times you'll need to consider staying} {in one that doesn't have|in a place that does not have|in a location that doesn't offer|in an RV that isn't equipped with|in one that does not have|in one with no|on a site that doesn't have|at a campsite that does not offer} toilet facilities. Another {question is how this|issue is how the|consideration is how the|thing to consider is how this|concern is how the|factor to consider is the way this|factor to consider is how the|important aspect to consider is how this} toilet {looks not everyone is|appears. Not everyone is|looks . Not everybody is|looks . Not everyone is|looks . Not everyone will be|looks . Not everyone feels|looks . Not everyone would be|looks . Not everyone can be} {comfortable in using a porta-potty|at ease using a porta-potty|comfortable using a porta potty|happy using a portable toilet|comfortable with a porta-potty|confident in using a toilet|satisfied with using a portapotty|comfortable with a portable toilet} or {outhouse|an outhouse}.

9. {Dose it have Shower|Does it have shower?|Does it come with Shower|Do you think it has Shower|Does it include Shower|Does it have Shower|Do they have Shower}

{While showers are also very|Although showers are|While showers are|Showers are} {common amenities, they are|popular, they're|frequent, they're|regular amenities, they're|commonly used facilities, they're|widespread, they're|well-known facilities, they're|frequently used, they're} not {that must-have like|as essential as|as necessary as|a must-have as are|essential like} {water or toilets|toilets or water}{, and not every campsite| however not every campground| but not every campsite| in every campground, and not all| or toilets, and not every campsite| as not every campsite| and not every camping site} {may have|might have|could have|has|will have|can have|might offer} {them|showers|the facilities}. If {you have an RV|you own an RV|you're in an RV|you've got an RV|you're traveling in an RV|you're an RV|your RV is equipped} {with a shower or the|with a shower , or your|that has a shower or the|with a shower , or the|with a shower and your|with a bathroom or your|which has a shower or a|that comes with showers or the} {campsite is next to|camping site is near|campsite is located near|campsite is situated near|camping spot is close to|campground is located next to|campsite is adjacent to|camp site is next to} {a lake, it's not|the lake, it's not|an aquatic lake, it's probably not|lakes, it's not|a lake, it's really not|the lake, it's|water, it's|a lake, that's not} {that big of a deal|an issue,|much of a problem|too much of an issue|all that important,|any big deal|so much of a concern|really a big deal} {but staying for longer time|but staying longer|however, staying for a longer period} {may be challenging|could be a challenge|might be difficult|can be challenging|could be a hassle|could be a problem}.

10. Laundry room

A {landy room is definitely|spacious room is|room with a view is|large room is|spacious space is} {nice to have if you|ideal if you|desirable if you|beneficial if|useful if|an asset if|great if|good to have when you} {are on a longer trip|are planning a long trip|are taking a longer journey|have a long-distance trip|take a longer vacation|are traveling for a long time|travel for longer|plan to travel for long} or {traveling|travelling|are traveling} light.Dose {it have communal kitchen|it have a kitchen that|you have a communal kitchen|it have a common kitchen|it have a shared kitchen|it have a kitchen with a communal area|the kitchen have a communal space|it come with a common kitchen} {you can cook in|where you can cook|to cook in|which you could cook in|for cooking in|which you are able to cook in|with a kitchen you can cook in|to cook at}.

Another {nice amenity to have|great benefit|benefit|good thing to have|advantage|excellent feature|wonderful feature to have|thing you can enjoy} is a {kitchen you can|kitchen that you can|kitchen to|kitchen you are able to|kitchen which you can|cooking area that you could|home kitchen that you can|fully-equipped kitchen you can} {use, and if there|make use of, and if there|utilize, and if you|use. If there|use. And if there|employ, and in the event that there|take advantage of. In the event that there|make use of. If there} {are no kitchens at all|aren't any kitchens|is no kitchen at all}{, access to a fridge| having a fridge| access to a refrigerator| the convenience of a fridge| access to a fridge| the ability to have a fridge| having access to a refrigerator| accessibility to a refrigerator} {will be nice|is a nice thing to have|would be a great option|can be helpful|is ideal|is nice|would be helpful|could be useful}.

11. {Dose it have some small|Do you think it has a small|Do they have a tiny|Do you know if it has a|Do they have a small|Do you see it having a little|Do they have any small|Do you think it's a} {store/cafeteria|cafe/store|café or store?|shop or cafeteria|restaurant or shop|cafeteria or store?|cafeteria/store|cafeteria/shop}

{That's maybe not that important|It's not really that important,|This may not be a big deal,|That's probably not so important|Perhaps not as important|It's perhaps not that crucial,|Maybe not,|It's not necessarily that important} {but if the campground is|but if your campground is|however if the campsite is|but if the camping area is|but if your campsite is|however, if the campground is|but in the event that the campground is|but if you're camping} {far away from the closest|located far from the nearest|quite far from the nearest|distant from the nearest|not near the closest|remote from nearby|very far from any nearby|further away from the closest} {shops, it's nice to|stores, it's nice to|shops, it's good to|retail stores, it's nice|shopping centers, it's great to|stores, it's nice|shops, it's nice|establishments, it's nice} {have some place to buy|find a place to purchase|be able to shop for|have a store nearby to buy|have an option to buy|find a shop to buy|have a spot to buy|get a location to buy} {some essentials you forgot|the essentials you didn't have|items you've forgotten|things you've left behind|certain essentials that you left out|some of the things you'd forgotten|something you've missed|those essentials you've neglected} {last time you were in|the last time you visited|when you last visited|the last time you went to|the last time you were in|when you were last in|at the time you were in|while in} town{ or to just order|, or to simply order| or simply to order|, or just to buy|, or to purchase| or to get| or even to order| or to pick up} {something when you're tired after|something after you've exhausted yourself from|some food items when you're exhausted after|things when you're exhausted from|something when you're exhausted after|an item when you're exhausted following|some items after} {a whole day walk|an entire day of walking|an extended walk|long walks|the long day|all day walking|having walked for a long time|several hours of walking} {and don't have energy to|and don't have the energy to|and aren't able to|and are unable to|and don't have the energy|but don't have enough energy to|and you don't feel like cooking|or a long hike and don't want to} {make|cook} supper.What {other communal spaces are|other spaces for communal use are|other facilities for the community are|other common spaces are|other places for gatherings are|other areas of communal space are|other community spaces are|else are the other communal spaces} {available|accessible|open|there|readily available|offered}. It would be {nice|great} {if there were some large|to have large|to have some big|for there to be large|that there were large} {communal places like old barns|gathering spaces like barns that have been|open spaces, like old barns|public spaces such as old barns|areas for gathering, such as barns|common spaces, like old barns|social spaces such as old barns|communal spaces like old barns} {converted to big sitting areas|transformed into large sitting areas|converted into big seating areas|converted into huge sitting areas|that were converted into sitting areas|which were converted into big sitting spaces|turned into spacious sitting areas|transformed into large seating areas} {where you can spend time|in which you could spend time|where you can relax|that you could relax|where you could sit and chat|where you could enjoy a relaxing time|to spend time|with a place to relax} with {other|fellow} {travelers|travellers}. {And everyone who was unlucky|Anyone who has had the misfortune|For anyone who's had the unfortunate experience|Everyone who had|For those who were unfortunate enough|And anyone who's been unfortunate|Anyone who's ever had|If you've ever been unlucky} {to camp under tents in|to have a tent for a night in|to sleep in tents during|to be able to stay in tents in|to spend the night under tents in|camping under tents during|with tents to shelter in|and had to stay under tents in} the rain {knows how nice|will appreciate how wonderful|knows how great|can appreciate how lovely|is aware of how good|knows how enjoyable|understands how pleasant|has experienced how relaxing} {it is to hide somewhere|it is to have a place to stay|it is to be able to camp somewhere|it feels to sleep somewhere|it is to find a spot|you can be in a location|hiding in a space|it can be to retreat to a place} {more speciose then|that is more luxurious than a|with more luxury than|which is more spacious than a|far more exclusive than a|better than a|much more sophisticated than a|larger than the} {tent|tents|your tent|in a tent|camping in a tent|camp|one's tent|an ordinary tent}.

12. Are pet allowed

{You might have thought of|You may have thought about|There is a possibility of|You've thought about|It is possible that you have considered|Perhaps you've thought of|There's a chance you've considered|You've probably thought of} {bringing your pet to a|taking your pet on a|having your pet along on a|the idea of bringing your pet along to a|inviting your pet on a|you bringing your pet on a|including your pet in a|taking your pet on} camping {trip with you|excursion,|trip ,|trip} {but be sure the|but make sure that the|however, make sure the|but ensure that the|but you must ensure the|but be sure that the|But make sure the|However, you need to ensure that the} {camping ground is ok with|campsite is okay with|camping area is fine with|campsite's rules allow|camping site is okay with|campground is okay with|camping grounds are okay with|camping site is in agreement with} {that|this|the idea}. {Some campsites do not allow|Certain campgrounds don't allow|Some campgrounds are not allowed to accommodate|Certain campsites will not accept|Some campgrounds won't permit|Some campgrounds do not permit|Some campgrounds do not allow|Some campsites aren't allowed} pets{ and many more places|, and a lot of places| and numerous other places| and there are many places that|, and lots of other locations|, and many other campgrounds| and several other areas|. Many other places} {have size limitations on what|have restrictions on the size of pets that|limit the size of what|have limitations on the size of the pet that|are limited in the size of animals that|have limits on the size of dogs that|restrict the size of your pet who|have limitations on the size and weight of what} {can come with you|you can bring along|is allowed to be brought along|is allowed|you are allowed to bring|can be brought}. {Some places allow all dogs|Certain places permit all dogs|Some campgrounds allow dogs of all sizes|Certain locations allow all dogs|Some campsites permit all dogs|Some locations permit all dogs|Some campgrounds accept all dogs|Some places accept all dogs}{, but some just don't| however some don't| but others don't| However, some places don't| however, others do not| However, there are some that don't| however others simply don't| while others just don't} {want anything larger than a|need anything more than a|require anything bigger than a|want anything bigger than a|wish to bring anything larger than a|desire anything more than a|would like anything larger than a|have anything larger than} {small pup because they have|tiny dog because they have|small dog, as they have|small puppy because they've|small puppy, because they've|small dog due to the fact that they have|smaller dog as they've|small dog since they've} {been known to chase wildlife|been known to chase animals|been known to pursue wildlife|been known to hunt wildlife|been known for their pursuit of wildlife|been known to chase wild animals|had a reputation for chasing wildlife|been known as predators of wildlife}.

Extra considerations if you are traveling in an RV or camper van:

13. {Does it have|Are there|Do you have} parking spaces {that can fit|that will fit|that are able to accommodate|that can accommodate|that fit|that will accommodate|that could accommodate|to fit} your {RV|vehicle?}

{The parking situation is always|Parking is|The parking location is|The parking area is|Parking availability is always|Parking conditions are always|The parking conditions are always|The parking space is} {important when considering|crucial when you're looking at|essential when deciding on|important when it comes to choosing|important when you're considering|crucial when looking for|important when choosing|important when looking into} {a camping site, but|camping sites, but|the location of a campsite, but|camping spots, but|an area for camping, but|the camping location, however,|camping locations, however|the possibility of camping. However,} {it's especially worth checking that|it is especially important to consider|it's particularly important to check|it's crucial to be aware of this|it's important to make sure|it's essential to verify that|you should be particularly careful|it's even more important} {if you come with|when you have|is the case if you're traveling with|in the event that you are traveling with|especially if you're using|for those who have|should you be traveling with|even if you're coming with} an RV{, because it| because it| as it|, as it|. It|. This is because it} {can get really difficult to|isn't easy to|can be a challenge to|could be difficult to|could be very difficult to|can be extremely difficult to|may be very difficult|isn't always easy to} {find a place to park|locate a parking spot for|find a suitable spot to park|find a spot to park|find a parking space for|find a space to park|locate a parking place for|find a spot where you can park} your {unit in some|RV in certain|vehicle in certain} {areas|locations|regions|places}.

14. {Dose it have electricity hookups|Does it have power hookups|Do you have an electrical hookup|Does it have electrical connections|Does it have an electricity connection|Does it have electricity?} {for your RV|to your RV?|for your RV?|to power your RV?}

{You want to make your|You'll want to make your|You're looking to make your|It is important to make your|You'll want to make the|You're hoping to make your|Your goal is to make your|The goal is to make the} {experience easy and comfortable|journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible|trip comfortable and easy|experience as easy as possible and as comfortable as you can|journey comfortable and relaxing|travel experience comfortable and pleasant|stay comfortable and simple|time in the park comfortable and relaxing}. {Be sure to check if|Make sure you check if|Check to see if|Be sure to verify if|Make sure to confirm if|Check if|Make sure you know if|You should confirm that} {the grounds provide power hookups|the campground has power hookups|the campsite has power hookups|the site has power connections|your campsite is equipped with power hookups|the property has power outlets|your campground is connected to power|there are power hookups} {to your RV|for your vehicle|in your motorhome|on your camper|at your home|with your camping vehicle|the RV|directly to the vehicle}.

15. {Dose it have|Does it have|Do you have|Do you know if it has|Do you think it has} water {hookups for your RV|hookups to your RV?|hook-ups for your RV?|hookups ?}

{One thing to think about|Something to consider|One thing to be aware of|The first thing you should consider|One thing to consider|One thing you need to consider|One thing to take into consideration|Another thing to think about} {ahead of time|prior to departure|before you leave} is whether {the camping ground|the campground|the campsite|the camping site|the camping area|the park|or not the camping spot} {you're headed to has|you're planning to visit has|you're going to is equipped with|you're visiting has|that you're considering visiting has|you're planning to stay at has|where you're camping has|the campground you're heading to has} {water hookups for your RV|water hookups to your RV|water connections for your RV|water hookups for your RV|water hookups that will work with your RV}.

16. {Dose it have sewage dump|Does it contain a sewage dump?|Does it have a sewage disposal?|Does it contain a sewage pit?|Does it have a sewage dump?|Do you think it has a sewage dump?|Do they have a sewer dump?|Does it contain a dump for sewage?}

{Make sure the camping area|Check that the area you are camping in|Be sure that the campsite|It is important to ensure that your camping site|You should ensure that the campground|Make sure the area of camping|Make sure the campsite|The camping area} {has a sewage dump so|is equipped with a sewage disposal facility so that|includes a sewage pit so|has a sewerage disposal area so|has a disposal site for sewage so|has a waste disposal facility so|is equipped with a toilet so|includes a sewage facility, so} {you can dispose of wastewater|you can dispose of waste|you can dispose of the waste|you can dispose of your waste|it is possible to dispose of waste|you are able to dispose of any wastewater|you can flush out wastewater|you can get rid of wastewater}. {Also check what is allowed|Be sure to check the rules for what can be allowed|Check out what is permitted|Also , check out the regulations for where it is permissible|You should also know what is allowed|Make sure you know what is allowed|Be sure to know what's allowed|Also make sure you are aware of what is allowed} {to be dumped and what|to be disposed of and what is|to be disposed of and|to be dumped , and what|to be disposed and what's|to be dumped and|for disposal and what's|to be disposed of, and what} {not in some you can|cannot be. In some areas, you are able to|not . Some areas allow you to|does not. Some places allow you to|it is not allowed to do. In some, you can|will not be allowed. In certain areas you can|may not be. In some places, you are allowed to|there are areas where you cannot} {dump only grey water and|dispose of only grey water, and|dump only grey water while|discharge only grey water. However,|just dump grey water.|take only grey water.|use only grey water to dump, while|simply dump grey water.} {in some you can|in others, you can|in some , you can|in other areas, you are able to|in others you can|in others, it is possible to|there are some areas where you can|at times, you may} {dump both grey and black|dispose of black and grey|dump black and grey|discharge both black and grey|take black and grey water from the} water {tank|tanks}.



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